Booking and stay conditions
The whole house is strictly non-smoking.
We do not accept animals

1. The subject regulations define the rules on which reservations can be made and rent a house. A reserved house via the internet platform, and by phone is tantamount to accepting the regulations. The contract between the client and the owner of the house is made at the moment of making a full reservation and paying the advance into our account Hubert Jędrzejewski ul.Ksawerów Nowy 26 b, 26-804 Stromiec WBK. 43 1500 2178 1221 7000 1811 0000 or via Dot Pay

2. Dot Pay Booking.
Reservations are made using the internet platform available at:, for a minimum of 5 hotel days (20.XII- 29.II, 25.IV- 04.V, 28.VI- 31VIII) and 3 days of hotel (season : B, C) for shorter stays than the above an additional one-time fee of PLN 300 is added to the final invoice. After selecting the date, the customer enters his basic data into the booking system in order to make a reservation. Then he chooses a convenient payment method (e-transfer, credit card) on-line and makes payment of a non-returnable deposit of 30 percent of the booking value or the entire payment for the stay. After posting the paid amount, the system will send the confirmation of the booking to the email address provided by the client. If you do not make a down payment within 24 hours. the reservation will be canceled from the moment the booking procedure begins.

3. Cancellation and change of reservation.
In the case of cancellation of arrival, the advance payment is not refundable. Willingness to change the date in the reservation made, the Customer is obliged to report no later than 14 days before the date of arrival specified in the booking. An exchange of an appointment can be considered only if the reserved house is free on another date. A change in the date may result in a change of the rental price. In the event that a change in the reservation made is not possible, the advance payment is not refundable.

4. The arrival should take place within hours set by telephone 796-846-060. The hotel day starts at 14:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise. Deposit in the amount of PLN 1,000. it is collected on the first day and returned to the customer on the last day of the stay, after the reception of the house without any remarks. Check-in after 20:00 and check-out before 8:00 should be notified in advance.

5. The guest is obliged to pay the entire amount for the stay, even if for reasons beyond the owner’s control, the arrival or stay will be delayed or shortened.

6. The guest is obliged to immediately notify the owner of any events that may expose the premises to damage.

7. The guest may use the house only for housing purposes and may not sub-let it without the owner’s consent.

8. The guest undertakes to immediately notify the owner of any damage.

9. Residence Regulations.

a) The number of people who are to stay in the premises can not be greater than the maximum number of persons registered in the reservation. If the number of people is higher than the number specified in the reservation, the owner may refuse to give the keys to the house.

b) The guest is obliged to properly secure the premises, close the entrance door and windows carefully each time he leaves, and carefully store the keys without access to unauthorized persons.

c) The guest undertakes to exercise extreme caution when using the fireplace. The fireplace should not be left without “care”.

14. An earlier, unacknowledged departure of the Customer without the transfer of the apartment with the participation of the owner, entitles to a claim against the customer.

15. A child up to 6 years of age, sleeping with adults, does not bear any fees for stay. Other children pay the normal price.

16. We do not accept animals.

17. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which can not be immediately eliminated by usual means, the owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The owner has the right, in case of occurrence of force majeure, to cancel the contract. Amounts paid by the customer are subject to immediate reimbursement with deduction of amounts due for services already provided.